Sean Biggar: Backporch Serenade
Sean Biggar: Backporch Serenade Tickets

Sean Biggar: Backporch Serenade Tickets

Tabard Theatre, San Jose
Nov 17, 2023 - Nov 17, 2023

About Sean Biggar: Backporch Serenade

Some good old-fashioned BS from SB and friends. Come out for a mellow night of bluesy Americana music with a vintage vibe that’s more “long nights with a cigarette” and less “glass drinking” (not that we’re exactly promoting that but you catch our drift.) Sean Biggar is a multi-talented musician with a gift for crafting melancholic blues and soulful western waltzes. Coming from the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area, his live performances are a testament to his ability to infuse every note with raw emotion, creating an atmosphere that resonates deeply with the audience. The energy in the room during his sad song shootout is nothing short of captivating, as Sean pours his heart and soul into each performance. His collaboration with the humble harmonicist Ryan Walker adds an extra depth to the stage, creating a dynamic experience that lingers in the hearts of those in attendance. They are following the road map left behind by their influences: Roger Miller, Peter Green, Willie Nelson, and Little Walter.


All Ages