Saturnalia: A Solstice Circus Spectacular Tickets

Saturnalia: A Solstice Circus Spectacular Tickets

SF Mime Troupe Studio Theater, San Francisco
Dec 1, 2023 - Dec 16, 2023
1h 15m

About Saturnalia: A Solstice Circus Spectacular

Join us for this unique celebration of pagan winter folklore that uses a sit-com style format, but with the colorful addition of sexy circus acts and musical numbers. Who says you can’t learn about ancient traditions while enjoying comedic hijinks, feats of strength, and catchy songs?

Join both new and returning characters as the legendary Wild Hunt threatens to derail their annual Saturnalia solstice party. The door stands open to the spirit world and no one knows what ghosts, ghouls, and goddesses might appear. An impromptu coven of performers will have to battle supernatural forces the best way they know how: with circus, dance, music, and comedy! Features a star-studded cast of local performers: Bethlayne Hansen, Genie Cartier, Marie Cartier, Devin Walker, Landyn Endo and Ivy Leon.

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Circus and Magic


16+ (The show contains sexy costumes, innuendo, a few swear words, and a mildly scary dog demon.)