Smarter Summer

Help your kids ditch summer brain drain with live entertainment.

Summer Brain Drain is Real. A few months off school leads to kids losing a big chunk of what they learned the year before. To help them avoid this setback, we've pulled together a hand-picked list of live events that'll get kiddos’ brains engaged, but with a big emphasis on fun.
Math skills slip by two months every summer.

Friends of Smarter Summer

Peggy O’Brien

“The cultural experiences that surround us in a big city are the best summertime classroom a kid could ask for.” — Peggy O’Brien, director of education for the Folger Shakespeare Library and former chief of family and public engagement for D.C. public schools

Neil Patrick Harris

“My kids start kindergarten this year, but live entertainment is already a big part of their lives. It helps keep them sharp and creative, which is why I love Goldstar’s Smarter Summer campaign so much and encourage other parents to really get their children engaged.” — Neil Patrick Harris, actor (“How I Met Your Mother,” “Gone Girl”)

O’Brien’s Tips for Turning a Live Event Into a Real-Life Classroom

  1. Before you go: Have everyone write down three words they think will describe the experience.
  2. On the way home: Look at the three words to see if they lived up to expectations, and add three more words that describe what it was really like.
  3. You and the kids should answer the following: What were the two things you noticed and observed and why? What are two things that you wished had happened, but that didn’t?
  4. Google reviews on the event and ask the kids if they agree or disagree with them.
  5. If questions come up during your conversations, do even more research to keep the learning going.
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