A Rocky, Whorish Patter Show
A Rocky, Whorish Patter Show Tickets

A Rocky, Whorish Patter Show Tickets

The Fringe Theatre #307, Tampa
Oct 13, 2023 - Oct 31, 2023

About A Rocky, Whorish Patter Show

This Halloween season, don't dream it...! Cosplay it. Neo-Vaudeville cabaret headliner Vulva Va-Voom (a charismatically bizarre comedian) takes you on a strange, oversexed journey. There's a lot to unpack and no fourth wall, so bring your reading comprehension. Which works of fiction drag you deep into their worlds? The most mundane among us nurture secret inner lives. When it comes to fantasies, nerd subcultures DO insist upon livin' them f***ers out loud. Well, rumor has it the provocateur Va-Voom enacts those fantasies harder, longer, and with a higher incidence of chafing. Performers vary by show date: Oct 13, 19-21, 31: Scott Swenson! Oct 14, 26-28: Matt Frankel! This show is nerd-tastic and imaginative! It’s multi-media and spontaneously interactive! It pays tribute to a favorite cult movie, yes, but it's also an opportunity to examine fandom, obsession, and identity. And T.&A. The dark jokes and perverse pathos come packaged with a big Broadway belt and a bigger, thicc'er behind. Vulva's creativity has won Fringe Festival awards five years running. The triple threat's signature style weaves crowdwork patter, song-'n'-dance, and sketch/standup elements with burlesque and a fair amount of bourbon. Don't expect elegant fans or scarves. This non-conformist is billed as "Carol Burnett sodomizing Oscar Wilde with a rolled-up 'New Yorker.'" Rated "enthusiastically R." We are mostly BYOB and is for this event - there is a convenience store just 2 doors down. Easiest parking is in Centro Ybor garage.