Tips for Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

306 Congress Street Boston MA 02210

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum Tips

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Percy Chinoy
20 events
10 reviews
43 stars
The weather was chilly because it is located on the water.. I wore a hat and scarf to be sure that I could stand outside while waiting for the rest of our guests to arrive. The greeters outside are very entertaining and make the wait very enjoyable..
April Foster
32 events
21 reviews
58 stars
Suspend disbelief and step back in time. Casual and fun, can sit back and observe but more fun if you participate. You will undoubtedly learn something new even if that is not your goal. It is NOT necessary to get your parking ticket validated for the Farnsworth St garage at night. At night they have a flat rate of $10, getting validation ups the price to $18 - this is only helpful during the day when rate can exceed $20+.
57 events
21 reviews
17 stars
Parking at a nearby garage was easy. I'm not sure the validation by the museum gave us any savings as it was a greater cost than stated on the museum web site.

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