Tips for Kings Theatre - Brooklyn

1027 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn NY 11226

43 Kings Theatre - Brooklyn Tips

Robby's Fun
11 events
2 reviews
9 stars
There is free parking behind the theater in the Sears parking lot until 12
Janette Rangel
5 events
3 reviews
6 stars
If anyone ever goes to an event at Kings Theatre, I would not drive there. Even when leaving home early just in case of traffic, that was an understatement. The crime in Flatbush had cops all over, making it difficult to reach our destination. Public transportation has to be much better getting there at a decent time travelling.
carol wohl
4 events
0 reviews
8 stars
The neighborhood going to the Q train leaves much to be desired. Be aware and careful. C
Janet Kowal
10 events
4 reviews
9 stars
Delroy's, across the street, is a small bar/restaurant that you might miss because it's so tiny. Great Caribbean food, and we got to talk to Delroy himself, who is quite a guy.

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