Tips for Under the Big Top at Soldier Field

1410 Museum Campus Drive Chicago IL 60605

12 Under the Big Top at Soldier Field Tips

  • Take public transit 1
  • Parking is expensive 1
  • Park in lot 1
Scott Eisner
3 events
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1 stars
Exact location of the venue. Where to park.
Jessica Mcmillan
Jessica Mcmillan
3 events
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4 stars
obstructed view
Cirque du Soleil’s VOLTA
Annette Collins
19 events
12 reviews
7 stars
There is no shuttle and NO SIGNAGE (unlike the one to the Hamilton Exhibition), so if you walk from the start of Museum Campus (Columbus and 11th) ... it's slightly over a mile to walk there. Or take buses #130/146 ... that will take you behind the Field Museum/next to the Adler Planetarium ... but there's still quite a circuitous, unmarked walk to the tents.
18 events
8 reviews
9 stars
Parking is convenient on the lot at Soldier Field but way over priced in my opinion. They don't have to charge $25 per car. Would love to know if other nearby parking is available.
Khalia Hollis
18 events
1 review
8 stars
Popcorn at the concessions was stale for $8 and poor in taste. When I made a purchase for a shirt and flower head piece I was shocked when the cashier handed me the items without a bag. The bag had to be purchased for $6 ridiculous. Parking was $25. Eat n drink before you go...the show was very entertaining.
M Lebron
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13 stars
The weather was 60 degrees. I wore A winter sweater. Air conditioning was intense and it was a cold summer night, so bring layers. Everyone was casual, but we dressed upscale casual & that was fine, too.
Renate S.
23 events
5 reviews
17 stars
Parking in the lot right next to the volta tent is $25. South lot which is only two minute walk to the entrance.
Mary Cuny
42 events
19 reviews
8 stars
Its a 20 min walk.Should be a shuttle to the tent. It was a hot day and I was exhausted walking there and back from +146 bus drop off.Parking is $25.00

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