Tips for Circus Vargas--Sunrise Mall

6041 Sunrise Mall Citrus Heights CA 95610

Circus Vargas--Sunrise Mall Tips

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Jim Holt
Jim Holt
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The weather was hot inside the tent. I wore Third season that I have seen a CV show. Even though the types of major acts repeat, a new theme, different skits and the excitement of kids with their parents makes it fun again and again. This year my experience started with a bit of a downer. It was dark when I entered, plopped and found out instantly that they don't wipe bottoms after previous show seat sitters. Fortunately, we do not tend to go to the circus in our Sunday best. I had indeed alighted on what some clown had previously failed to tend to. While I did not buy a lighted sword, the seat of my pants did acquire some sort of ticky tacky glowy sticky. My proof, I guess, that I had been to the circus. .
Circus Vargas: Dreaming of Pirates

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