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6320 Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood CA 90038 between N Cahuenga and Vine

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14 stars
Plenty of nearby street parking
Denise A.
59 events
27 reviews
16 stars
I wore .. theater was very chilly, especially in the front row (right under an AC register. Bring a blanket!.
Mike Donahue
3 events
1 review
1 stars
Theater is a blink and you will miss it small black box
Isadora M.
3 events
1 review
0 stars
The weather was I went in February and the weather was sunny and warm. . I wore Long pants and long-sleeve blouse. A light sweater or jacket may be needed due to air conditioning..
Isadora M.
3 events
1 review
0 stars
Free parking is available on Sunday; however be advised the adjacent streets have metered parking. I don't know how late the meter rule applies.
Tania Estrada
3 events
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7 stars
Restroom is on side of theater
Eric A
37 events
6 reviews
1 stars
Parking is illegal on that block until 7pm so you can swoop in and get a free spot before the show.
Susan Hayward
16 events
11 reviews
28 stars
The weather was sunny. I wore pants and a top.
Kenyon Brown
Kenyon Brown Red Velvet
659 events
377 reviews
-294 stars
We always find street parking. Some streets are sketchier than others, but nothing extreme.
Sunny Afternoon
13 events
11 reviews
2 stars
but I definitely appreciate being in a group in the area at night
How To Survive a Zombie Apocalypse
Briana Nicovich
2 events
2 reviews
4 stars
You can park along the curb, after 6pm it's free!
Briana Nicovich
2 events
2 reviews
4 stars
I wore Nice pair of jeans and a blouse..
Goldstar Member
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0 stars
There is plenty of free street parking behind the theater in the small streets.
18 events
4 reviews
164 stars
The weather was Nice and cold. I wore A white shirt with yellow selves. Why? cause im punk. i also had a plaid sweater with boots and black shorts.
Jarrod S Madrigal
128 events
94 reviews
88 stars
At Midnight there is plenty of parking on back streets, and plenty of light from neighboring buildings to make it safe
Alan B.
Alan B.
123 events
67 reviews
6 stars
There's a Yoshinoya on the corner near the theater
The Real Housekeepers of Studio City
Bruce Deniston
108 events
22 reviews
148 stars
Restroom is in another part of the building. You must go out the front door around the corner and go back in the building using the side entrance.
41 events
6 reviews
17 stars
Easy access from Hollywood/Vine Metro Rail Red Line Station
Jim McCarthy
253 events
66 reviews
232 stars
There's a cool little place a few blocks away called Grub (on Seward St.) that was a fun, easy to park place with an interesting variety of choices and a nice setting.
69 events
22 reviews
27 stars
Adult and Teens show. Not really for young kids.

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