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2700 North Vermont Ave. Los Angeles CA 90027

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  • Casual 17
  • Dressy 1
  • Shuttle to/from lot 21
  • Parking is expensive 9
  • Arrive early 9
  • Dine before you go 9
  • Food and drinks for purchase 5
  • Pack a picnic 4
Christina Chavez
3 events
1 review
6 stars
Park in the first parking lot available as you approach the venue. It's $30, put prices increase and the next $30 area is about a 3 mile walk back down to the venue.
Jay Schuster
25 events
9 reviews
10 stars
Park down the hill for free or a lot cheaper and treek up as many people did.
David W.
15 events
9 reviews
16 stars
Take the shuttle and have an early picnic outside the gate. And depending on the weather, you might need a sweater.
Shirra A
11 events
8 reviews
52 stars
Parking is better than the bowl because in certain lots they don't stack. You go to your car and leave, that's it.
Shirra A
11 events
8 reviews
52 stars
The weather was Humid. I wore I brought a linen scarf and sweatshirt for layering. .
282 events
25 reviews
25 stars
The Shuttle is the best way to get there, but in order to avoid a very long line and wait to take the return shuttle, use the restroom at intermission rather than at the end of the show.
Anna Wise-Brown
1 events
1 review
0 stars
They did not let us know what lot we were parked in when we got on the bus. We did Not know what lot we were in. We got off on the wrong stop. Very dark, and didn’t have a clue where we were, and what direction we were to go in. A Coyote came out. We were scared and lost. Very uncomfortable feeling, and unsafe for 2 females. Through the grace of God we found our way to the car.
Carol Epting
3 events
0 reviews
8 stars
If using ride share company from Greek Theatre, make a reservation ahead of time. We were stuck after concert bc No Cars were available to pick us up, while we waited for a ride home the coyotes were circling and the access gate to the venue was closed. No employees told us that our ride could not get to our location. A very unpleasant ending to a great concert!!!
Nancy Jo Perdue
1 events
1 review
6 stars
We were surprised to find The Greek food establishments offer some good vegan options at reasonable prices.
Nancy Jo Perdue
1 events
1 review
6 stars
The shuttle service was great for $15. We couldn't find the parking lot by the ponies, and traffic attendants didn't know where it was. We wasted about an hour dealing with that. That was the only non-fun thing about the evening. But it was light outside and we enjoyed just being in the park and seeing the lovely homes near it. Give yourself plenty of time to get there. Double whatever your GPS tells you.
Albert Rowuin
697 events
561 reviews
801 stars
The parking attendants were RUDE and UNHELPFUL. Give yourself plenty of time to find the least expensive lot that is not stacked parking.
Joanie P
58 events
17 reviews
1 stars
We shuttled in. BIG MISTAKE! The cars in the Greek parking lots cleared way before we were able to get on the shuttle. They just didn't have enough shuttles running. Plus the Pony ride parking lots were dark and dirt road. If we ever go back to the Greek again, we would park in the Greek lot. We still prefer Hollywood Bowl over the Greek Theater.
Kelly Marie Nelson
18 events
8 reviews
6 stars
The weather was perfect mid eighties and after sunset low seventies. I wore Bring a light wrap in case it gets a little chilly after the sun sets. Park at the Griffith park pony rides. Its 10.00 to park which includes a shuttle to and from. No stack parking and they have shuttles throughout the evening, before, during and after the concert..
Johana Delgado
17 events
9 reviews
8 stars
The weather was somewhat chilly at night. I wore a warm sweater..
13 events
4 reviews
18 stars
park at pony lot its cheaper and efficient shuttles are on time
Used Uber, what a great idea
Lindsay Johnson
55 events
24 reviews
190 stars
Buy parking in advance online.
26 events
15 reviews
2 stars
take your time for sure, cheaper parking with a short walk.
Midnight Oil
Brenda Gant
52 events
35 reviews
23 stars
The bathrooms seem to have been newly renovated and are nice, clean and have a large capacity. The line looked horrendous, but it moved very quickly and efficiently.
72 events
50 reviews
61 stars
take the park and ride from the zoo, quick and easy!!!!

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