Let's Make a Deal Studio

7915 Haskell Ave Los Angeles CA 91406


Accessible or ADA seating may be available at this venue through Goldstar. Contact us before buying tickets to make arrangements.


DRESS CODE AND COSTUME INFORMATION: We encourage all potential contestants to dress in costume. Costumes should be fun, creative, and neat. The more original and creative the costume, the better chance you'll have of catching Wayne's attention and maybe winning some cash or prizes! It's your chance to show off your costume ideas on television. We love seeing everyone's unique ideas. Did you forget your costume? No problem! Visit our LMAD Costume Shop, which will have costumes for rent (price range: $10-$25) or purchase (price range: $25-up). Cash and credit accepted at most vendors. In addition, please do not wear costumes with recognizable cartoon, television, movie, or other copyrighted characters, or include any items that have designer names, corporate or sports team names or logos, copyrighted images, celebrity names or images (living or deceased), cartoon character images. If you do wear such clothing, and are selected to be a contestant, you may be required to remove it, turn it inside out, or put on additional clothing to cover it. If you choose to not dress in costume, we ask that you dress in nice, casual attire. It is very important that you dress nicely as you will be on camera. When you look great, the show looks great! No white clothing, t-shirts, or shorts. Please do not wear any clothing with logos or writing. Audience check-in is at 7915 Haskell Avenue in Van Nuys. Parking is free on the lot. After you park you will go through the audience and contestant check-in/processing in our new air conditioned facility. There is a costume shop if you'd like to rent or buy a costume and there will be a food cart if you want to treat yourself to some snacks or a drink! After you've checked in and gone through contestant processing and interviews, a shuttle will take you on a quick 5 minute drive to the studio. We encourage you to Tweet and Facebook about the fun experience at Let’s Make A Deal. You are allowed to bring your phone with you so that you can use it while you are waiting in line, through the interview process, and up until you board your shuttle to go to the studio. However, you will be required to turn in your cell phone and your ID prior to boarding the shuttle. If you do not want to turn in your phone and ID, please DO NOT bring your cell phone with you as it will NOT be allowed in the studio. We are not responsible for any loss or damage to phones turned in. ABSOLUTELY NO tape recorders, video recorders, backpacks, ice chests or photographic devices are allowed in the studio; therefore, we request that you do not bring any of these items with you. Please leave them in the car, van or bus. Eligibility Information: Due to eligibility requirements, no one under the age of 18 will be admitted to the studio. If you want to be considered as a contestant you MUST: Bring one form of government identification to the studio such as a driver's license or passport. Anyone who has not been a contestant on the program in the last 3 years is eligible to be chosen. ALSO, YOU MUST: (1) Never have been a contestant on any other game show, local, syndicated or network, within the past year (NOTE- if you attended WINSANITY and won a prize as an audience member you ARE ELIGIBLE as long as were not selected as a contestant to compete on stage); (2) Never have been on more than four other game shows in the past 10 years; (3) Not be or have been affiliated with anyone employed by 3 Doors Productions, Inc., FremantleMedia North America, Inc., CBS Broadcasting Inc., and/or any of their respective parents, subsidiaries or entities affiliated with the production and broadcasting of Let's Make A Deal. <br /> Due to the contestant process, you will be at this taping for approximately 4.5 hours from the arrival time on your ticket. Contestants will be selected from the audience throughout the show so be ready to Make A Deal with Wayne at any time! On-Camera Audiences, 3 Doors Productions, Inc., CBS Broadcasting Inc. or their respective parents, subsidiaries or affiliated entities shall have no liability with respect to any cancellation of the production of the program, which may be canceled without any notice. It is your responsibility to check with the venue to ensure the program remains on schedule. Let's Make A Deal Ticket is complimentary - Not for Sale. IF YOU HAVE PURCHASED THIS TICKET, PLEASE CALL US IMMEDIATELY. By your use of a ticket you give to 3 Doors Productions, Inc., and all others supplying elements of the program, CBS Broadcasting Inc., On-Camera Audiences, sponsors of the program and their advertising agencies (collectively "We") consent to use your name, voice, likeness and such biographical material as you may furnish in connection with the program. We do not assume responsibility for any injury to your person or damage or loss to your property while on the premises. We reserve the right to refuse admission and to revoke a ticket at any time. We do not reimburse for travel expenses, lost wages, or parking fees associated with your visit. Producers reserve the right to ask an audience members to alter or review any costume that could be consider insensitive or offensive to others. We are committed to making every taping equally accessible to persons with disabilities. We provide accessible seating (including companion seating) and other accommodations at all tapings to persons with disabilities. If you or anyone in your party has special needs and required assistance to attend the show, you must call us at least 48 hours before the taping date. The availability of accessible seating cannot be assured if the number of audience members requiring accessible seating on any given taping day exceeds the allotted number of seats. Accordingly, accessible seating may be reserved prior to the taping date by calling 818-295-2700. Reservations for accessible seating will be held and guaranteed until the scheduled arrival time. If you do not arrive by the scheduled arrival time, we can no longer hold your reservation for accessible seating and you will be placed on standby status. Any remaining, unreserved accessible seating will be available only on a first-come, first-served basis and may be released to standby guests who do not require such seating. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you reserve your accessible seating in advance and ensure that you have checked in by the arrival time stated above. Disabled guests with service animals should also call 818-295-2700 before the taping date to ensure sufficient space for the service animal.

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