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LUSH Bar Tips

Jennifer Anderson
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10 stars
This is the second worst play I have ever seen in my life. Beverly Hills Star Agent wears plastic dollar store beads, Christmas decoration necklace, wrinkly choir robe mumu, and relies on line memorization so much so that she has to back pedal if she messes up. Unable to improv in the moment. References were from the Stone Ages with unrecognizable "celebrity" name dropping. Set was a dusty, haphazard mess with a mid 1990's green couch with peach pillows from Walmart anchored by a coffee table covered in a dark paisley sheet or shower curtain. Swearing and obscenities just for the sake of having swearing and obscenities. I didn't laugh at all because it wasn't funny. This was a sad failed attempt at theater and wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy if I had any.

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