Tips for XFINITY Live! Philadelphia

1100 Pattison Ave Philadelphia PA 19148

9 XFINITY Live! Philadelphia Tips

  • Casual 2
  • Take public transit 1
  • No food allowed 1
Christy Taylor
11 events
1 review
9 stars
The weather was sunny.
Chanda Penhollow
3 events
1 review
0 stars
As soon as you feel you may have to use the bathroom (port-o-potty) get in line ASAP. Usual wait time is about 15 minutes. The facility claimed it could hold about 15,000 people but only had bathrooms for a few hundred
Sandra Mosquera
2 events
1 review
14 stars
The weather was cold, there wasn't many places to sit down. I wore Tennis shoes....
3 events
1 review
2 stars
Kelsey trainer
4 events
2 reviews
9 stars
The weather was Sunny. I wore Maxi dress and flip flops .

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