Tips for Black Theatre Troupe

1333 E Washington Street Phoenix AZ 85034

7 Black Theatre Troupe Tips

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Regina Pennington
2 events
1 review
5 stars
We parked behind the theater and walked around... plenty of parking.
Dina Jones' Mom
14 events
2 reviews
5 stars
The weather was a very comfortable cool evening.. I wore a sleeveless dress with a light sweater. Women often dress appropriately and well, but men, please stop wearing jeans and untucked plaid shirts out to a night at the theater!.
110 events
39 reviews
30 stars
I find getting there a challenge because I don't like driving next to the Light Rail. I take 7th St to Jefferson, turn left on 15th st, left on Washington. getting out is a challenge also, but taking the light rail can take quite awhile. Parking is free but get there fairly early. Wish that they would do more shows at TCA but I love all the plays
Sarah Bougard
108 events
1 review
6 stars
The weather was 90 degrees/sunny. I wore dress,something I'd wear to church on sunday morning,no flip flops,no shorts..a casual dress to impress mode .
13 events
5 reviews
0 stars
getting to this theatre is a little tricky, when traveling on Washington take a left on 14th st and immediately turn right on the little frontage rd
Karen Overton
7 events
1 review
2 stars
Be aware that discount ticket holders will be processed last.

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