Tips for A.C.T.'s Geary Theater

415 Geary St. San Francisco CA 94102 near the corner of Geary and Mason

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I wore business casual with slacks and long sleeve shirt and slip on shoes.
A Thousand Splendid Suns
Ri Ma
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stockton/sutter garage is $1.50/hr after 6pm
Bea Soria
Bea Soria Red Velvet
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or, add your own...For those living in the East Bay, take BART to Powell and walk to Geary. Easy!
A Walk on the Moon
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Mason Street garage is nearby and not horribly expensive.
Rebel Rocker Beth
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I've never parked in the garage beneath Union Square, but the Sutter-Stockton Garage is very reliable and four blocks away. If you can come by BART, that's also a four-block walk.
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I wore Don't dress like a slob as most people in San Francisco do..
The Birthday Party
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BART Powell Street station is just a few blocks away.
A Christmas Carol
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Try out La Marsa across the street from the Curran Small and delicious.
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The weather was Warm, inside very warm. I wore Casual comfortable.
arson 1
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Mason street garage parking is expensive however if you show ticket stub you cansave better than half price
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Bart is the way to go. Powell St. and up about 3 blocks. Easy.
Toby Tover
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if you eat at the Daily Grill, tell them you're going to ACT and they give you a discount.
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The weather was very cold in SF. I wore casual /dressy everybody loves to look at nicely dressed people , but not stuffy either!.
Chuck Olson
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The weather was pleasant. I wore sportcoat (overdressed!).
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lots to choose from near the theater
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Premium Orchestra seats are definitely worthwhile for great viewing and more leg room.
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Park at Sutter Stockton garage and eat at Cafe de la Presse next to the garage, which has great ambiance and an excellent French menu...
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If you're tall and need more leg room be sure to mention that when you buy your tickets. I was told (after the fact) that I could have been seated where there was more leg room if I had asked.
Jackie Nissim
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Great reasonable Thai restaurant across the street fro the theatre
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We parked at the Marriott which is highly recommended and very close by.

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