America's Cup Pavilion

Piers 27/29 San Francisco CA 94111 America's Cup Park
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America's Cup Pavilion 4.0 out of 5 182

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The weather was windy, cold.
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The weather was Cold Wind. I wore Hooded sweat shirt and plenty of layers..
Serge Martial
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The weather was Windy and cold. I wore Not enough warm clothing for the venue.
Cheech and Chong with Special Guest War
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The weather was sunny, windy, cold. I wore a sweater, jacket, comfortable shoes and brought a blanket.
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...Seriously, be prepared for the cold! I saw so many people leave during the first half, just getting up and walking out because they were underdressed. Then, the rush for the exits at intermission was as heavy as the rush for the restrooms and food vendors. Even amongst those who stayed the whole night, many did it feuled by the love of the music despite their freezing in their seats. Layer, layer, layer and then warm underdressing and heavy outerwear.
207 events
34 reviews
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Or, add your own...They have food but not very good, esp. ou may bring an empty water vessel and fill it from one of their many water stations as often as you like.
207 events
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Or, add your own...Don't drive or use a cab. If you are all able use public transport. I can't very well so I drove near by, parked and got on the street car for a mile or so.

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