Tips for SHN Golden Gate Theatre

1 Taylor Street San Francisco CA 94102

412 SHN Golden Gate Theatre Tips

  • Casual 10
  • Dressy 1
  • Take public transit 10
  • Arrive early 3
  • Parking is expensive 1
  • Dine before you go 7
  • Pack a picnic 1
David Stein
6 events
1 review
10 stars
The weather was Moderately warm. I wore casual wear.
Ray F Matthew F
72 events
60 reviews
55 stars
Walking through that neighborhood is frightening!
Dan Ruckman
31 events
4 reviews
8 stars
Take public transportation if possible? Parking is expensive and limited
Connie Moss
3 events
3 reviews
14 stars
queen keethia
63 events
43 reviews
6 stars
3 events
2 reviews
2 stars
Claire Risley
679 events
290 reviews
182 stars
There is a nice tea/chai little place across from the screaming people across the street. There was a happy street artist, a ballet dancer, and good people and one can see the theater from the outdoor seats. DavidChai I think it is called.
12 events
9 reviews
3 stars
the added discussion with other show goers on BART adds to the enjoyment of the show,
Andrew Leas
23 events
10 reviews
21 stars
Park in the Mason/O'Ferrall garage. It's $10.00. Just show your ticket when you pay at the pay station.
34 events
7 reviews
3 stars
Do not walk to theatre. Drive, cab or Lyft.
John Campbell
9 events
3 reviews
11 stars
Nearby parking from Spothero for $15.
sherri dee
sherri dee
11 events
1 review
1 stars
Went to GIbson beforehand... yummmm
Hello, Dolly!
Richard Joosten
17 events
7 reviews
15 stars
Yeah, the area isn't the best, but it's a short enough walk from the Powell BART station, with lots of other theatergoers.
John Kowtko
2 events
1 review
6 stars
The Fifth & Mission garage is a couple of city blocks away located next to Moscone West, is huge, and the parking is relatively inexpensive ($3-4/hr).
18 events
7 reviews
8 stars
I wore dress for comfort.
Gay O
27 events
4 reviews
1 stars
We really enjoyed Montesacro Pinseria-Enoteca st 510 Stevenson St. just a block from the theatre.
Val Arnst Bobias
3 events
1 review
16 stars
We packed sandwiches for the drive up. There aren't many places around Golden Gate Theater to eat and those that are there are packed.
Dennis Gordon
9 events
2 reviews
6 stars
The weather was cool. I wore Casual slacks, sweater, and shoes(no sneakers). .
Nam Mai
1 events
1 review
2 stars
SHN has a sippy cup that is additional $7 if you want to be able to enjoy a beverage that is not bottle water within the seating area.
75 events
21 reviews
3 stars
Powell Street station and walk 2 blocks...lots of people walking with you after the show.

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