Tips for ASU Gammage

1200 S Forest Ave Tempe AZ 85287

17 ASU Gammage Tips

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  • Dine before you go 1
Michael Cline
5 events
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11 stars
Be prepared to want to dance
Albert Carrino
1 events
1 review
7 stars
I wore a sweater and jeans.
66 events
25 reviews
18 stars
If seated on the Balcony close to heaven, prepare to climb several stairs and a close to a 90 degree incline up to your row and seats. If you're afraid of heights, make sure you are seated in Orchestra.
Wanzer Hall
Wanzer Hall
4 events
1 review
32 stars
The weather was calm winds, clear skies, 61°. I wore jeans and a light jacket. .
Contra-Tiempo: joyUS justUS
Scott Gilbertson
8 events
2 reviews
4 stars
Parking in the garage east of the facility was 15.00 . I suggest trying to avoid that!
Kathleen Brenenstuhl
134 events
97 reviews
85 stars
Gammage does not have elevators yet! If you get balcony tickets you Walk up 3 stories.
R Frazier
R Frazier Red Velvet
50 events
1 review
30 stars
Parking can be a challenge. ivrecommend arriving 45 minutes to 1 hour before the show. Light snacks and cocktails are available for purchase.
7 events
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15 stars
Gammage Theatre is in a circular building. There are two entrances, 180 degrees apart. If you don't want to walk around in circles, park near the entrance that has the Box Office.
The weather was Pleasanantly cool inside. I wore a skirt and blouse, dress up a bit its worth it..
Kathleen Noble
6 events
1 review
2 stars
Feel free to call the Gammage box office and find out exactly where your seats are. They will even change them if you need to.
Goldstar Member
4 events
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3 stars
Or, add your own.. Mill Street only a few blocks away. Most of the street businesses open late for a variety of food and drink.
Nagle Nagle
14 events
7 reviews
0 stars
I would use the "Find my Car" app for this venue. It's easy to get turned around in that lot.
Goldstar Member
1 events
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Happy hour at Cafe Boa is perfect before the show.

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