Gettysburg, PA Private Tour
Gettysburg, PA Private Tour Tickets

Gettysburg, PA Private Tour Tickets

Washington, DC
Aug 18, 2023 - Jan 31, 2024

About Gettysburg, PA Private Tour

This incredible adventure to Gettysburg begins with a comfortable ride in a climate-controlled vehicle. We’ll make the two-hour drive to the battlefield fly by with informative stories on the background of the battle. Fought in 1863, the conflict saw confederate and union soldiers clash in a brutal feud lasting three full days. The battle resulted in around 51,000 casualties, more than any other domestic battle in USA history, and proved a significant turning point in the American Civil War. On arrival at the infamous Gettysburg grasslands, you’ll be able to stretch your legs with five hours of activities, including a guided tour of the battlefield, Visitor Center Museum, and significant monuments such as the Lee and Mead Statues, Peace Memorial, and Eternal Flame. You’ll also get a glimpse of the old Colonial Town Center of Gettysburg, along with an insight into what life was like for regular folk back then.

Visit Time

9 hours