Walking the Beat
Walking the Beat Tickets

Walking the Beat Tickets

Washington, DC
Sep 9, 2023 - Oct 14, 2023

About Walking the Beat

Presidential Assassinations, a walking tour through the streets of Washington, DC, focuses on the rise of federal law enforcement as a result of both successful assassinations and assassination attempts. The tour lasts roughly 75 – 90 minutes and covers about 1.2 miles. Your tour will begin in the museum at the History Beat exhibit, where visitors will start by watching the Presidential Assassinations video and look at the corresponding Lincoln artifact and Hoover’s desk. The tour will then take guests outside to begin the walking portion. Stops and relevant content include: 1. National Law Enforcement Museum – History Beat Exhibit 2. President James Garfield – 6th and Indiana 3. President William McKinley – Navy Memorial 4. President Theodore Roosevelt – Navy Memorial 5. FBI Headquarters, J. Edgar Hoover, and President John F. Kennedy – 9th and 10th 6. Ford’s Theater and Peterson House – 511 10th Street 7. National Law Enforcement Memorial Participants will gain insight into the four presidential assassinations in our nation’s history, along with the numerous attempts on the lives of other presidents. The tour will also investigate the ways federal law enforcement changed in light of these events, focusing on the FBI and Secret Service. The tour will end at the Memorial.