The Appalachian Magic of Bradley Barefoot Tickets

The Appalachian Magic of Bradley Barefoot Tickets

Poe's Magic Theatre at The Lord Baltimore Hotel, Baltimore
Aug 19, 2023 - Sep 23, 2023

About The Appalachian Magic of Bradley Barefoot

Born and raised amidst the mystical wonders of the Appalachian Mountains in Western Pennsylvania, where real magic and spirits thrive, Bradley Barefoot’s childhood was nothing short of enchanting. Surrounded by a family of awe-inspiring folk magicians, from PowWow medicine practitioners to dowsers and palm readers, his destiny was set in motion. But it was when he unwrapped his very first magic set that Bradley’s world truly ignited with wonder. He honed his craft, performing theatrical magic at every opportunity, leaving everyone spellbound. As adulthood beckoned, he ventured beyond his Appalachian roots, only to discover the world’s ignorance of the region’s magical heritage, a realization that weighed heavily on his heart. But from this sadness, a brilliant idea emerged – Appalachian Magic. Bradley now combines his own life’s tales and experiences with mesmerizing theatrics to present the world with a breathtaking taste of the mystical wonders that still pulse within Appalachia.

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