Monstress Tickets

Monstress Tickets

Flying V / Silver Spring Black Box, Silver Spring
Oct 19, 2023 - Oct 28, 2023
35 minutes
Protect your neck...

About Monstress

“You’ve been invited to an exhibition viewing of the Manananggal – a Filipino vampire. We’re required to tell you that the exhibit is perfectly safe, and that we’re sparing no expense to keep the creature contained. Witness this never-before seen being feed in its natural habitat!”

Monstress is a brand new immersive horror experience from the theatre and R&D departments at Flying V, that reimagines the legacy of the Manananggal, previously contained to folklore. Designed for small-batch audiences, the show will feature an innovative fusion of live and digital performance, some technological wizardry, and atmospheric and sensory immersion! Join us from October 19th-28th and see it with your own eyes!





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