A Commedia Romeo & Juliet Tickets

A Commedia Romeo & Juliet Tickets

Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, Washington
Jan 19, 2024 - Feb 3, 2024
1 hr 10 mins

About A Commedia Romeo & Juliet

Join the Fools for the return of a foolish favorite! Romeo and Juliet, the classic story of two young lovers divided by a family feud, borrows heavily from the tradition of the Italian Commedia dell’Arte. Last performed in 2012, this high-octane version, featuring five actors in a one-hour cutting, brings physical spectacularity to Shakespeare's poetry and highlights tragedy by juxtaposing it with humor. Our 2024 remount features an exciting rotating cast of 10 actors for a limited run at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop.




Family Friendly, best for ages 9 and up