More Information for Ticket Suppliers

The Goldstar Philosophy = More

Goldstar is all about getting more people to go out more and do more interesting things. The more successful we are, the more successful you are.

Who Goldstar Members Are

Goldstar members are the "new audience" that so many entertainment marketers want to reach:

  • They're young: Two-thirds of Goldstar members are under 45.
  • They're eclectic: Goldstar members like to sample different things.
  • They're curious: 84% of members use Goldstar to learn about things to do.
  • They're connected: Goldstar members network through social media.
  • They're active: Goldstar members have a built-in desire to do more.

Tapping into the Goldstar membership is a great way to sell more, but it's also a great way to introduce your product to adventuresome new audiences.

How Suppliers Use Goldstar

Ticket suppliers use Goldstar's services in three general ways:

  • Advance Sales: Goldstar's savviest partners use an early presence on Goldstar to get advance exposure and add impact to their campaign launch.
  • Sustained exposure: Most partners maintain an ongoing presence on Goldstar to enhance to their full-price campaigns.
  • Late-yield increase: Some partners use Goldstar to liquidate last-minute inventory, although most know that the earlier they start, the better the likely results.

Your Venue Relations Manager will help you choose the mix that will get you the best results.

How Goldstar Markets Your Events

84% of Goldstar members look to Goldstar to learn what's happening in their area. To help them find our suppliers' events, we:

  • Post all supplier-submitted events on
  • Send event updates to members every week.
  • Flag fresh and popular events for extra attention.
  • Send featured emails to members who self-select by interest.
  • Publish member reviews and tips to expand word-of-mouth.

Since everything we do is designed to get more people to go out more and do more interesting things, we have every motivation to get your event out to the maximum number of people.

How We Work with Supplier Partners

Goldstar works with supplier partners who represent live entertainment, arts, sports, special events and attractions in major U.S. markets. Some of our better-known partners include: Cirque du Soleil, Disney Theatrical Productions, New York's Lincoln Center, Los Angeles Dodgers, The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, L.A.'s Ahmanson Theatre, Madison Square Garden (MSG), Chicago's Goodman Theatre, San Francisco Giants, Seattle Repertory Theatre, Boston's TD Garden and many more.

The Mechanics of Working with Goldstar

The Goldstar process is remarkably easy:

  • We set up your organization in the Goldstar system.
  • You identify what you want Goldstar members to buy.
  • Goldstar markets your event(s) to our membership.
  • Goldstar members buy their tickets on the Goldstar site.
  • We send you a will-call list.
  • You assign the seats.
  • Members pick up their tickets.

It really is that simple.

Signing Up with Goldstar

Becoming a Goldstar supplier couldn't be easier: Start by filling out the brief application and we'll get the ball rolling. Once you're signed up, we'll load your venue into the system, build your event on the site and start selling. Still have questions? Read our FAQs.

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