Ticket Suppliers

What is Goldstar?

We're an online company that helps arts, leisure and entertainment providers across the U.S. reach a huge new audience of young, active consumers in their area. By encouraging people to go out more—and then giving them more interesting things to do—Goldstar expands the audience for arts, sports and all kinds of live entertainment.

What does Goldstar do?

Goldstar does two extremely important things: We bring new audiences to your events and we help you fill the spaces that you might not otherwise sell.

We do this by promoting an exciting mix of live events and attractions to a large population of youthful, curious Goldstar members—and by offering them tickets at 50% off face value so they can easily try new things.

Goldstar's mission is to get people to go out more and do more interesting things. We're an "event discovery" site, so our number-one job is to introduce Goldstar members to new entertainment experiences – like yours!

How does it work?

It's easy. Whether you opt for advance sales, sustained exposure, or a late-yield increase, Goldstar actively markets your events to its members. When members choose your event, they pay for their tickets through Goldstar and then pick them up at the event.

How much does it cost?

There’s no upfront cost to work with Goldstar. When you sell tickets through us, your event promotion is free and you have complete control over what you sell. A 5% commission will be taken out of each ticket sold, which means the rest of the revenue (95%) is yours to keep.

Bottom Line

Goldstar brings you more patrons and more money for a very low cost and with no risk. This is why producers, presenters, venues and attractions across the country make us an integral part of their sales and marketing campaigns.

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